With All My Worldly Goods I Thee Endow: The Law and Statistics of Dower and Curtesy in Arkansas

Published November 2016

by J. Cliff McKinney II |

“Dower and curtesy are ancient doctrines that have been a part of Arkansas law since the dawn of statehood.  Though many states have abandoned dower and curtesy, the concepts remain a basic provision of Arkansas law.  This article explores the current status of the law in Arkansas including a detailed analysis of the current statutory system along with a sampling of some of the myriad associated common law concepts and interpretative features.  Most importantly, though, this article examines the real life application of dower and curtesy in Arkansas through an empirical study examining more than a decade of deeds filed in fifteen Pulaski County neighborhoods representing a cross-section of socio-economic backgrounds  The study provides statistics that might help policymakers decide the fate of dower and curtesy in Arkansas.”

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Note:  The above is an excerpt from the article in the Spring 2016 issue of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Review.  Click the link below to read the actual publication.