About Us

Quattlebaum, Grooms & Tull PLLC, a regional law firm with offices in Little Rock and Northwest Arkansas, provides a full range of legal services to individuals and business organizations of all forms and sizes, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, regional businesses, small entities, governmental bodies, and individuals. Our practice encompasses a wide variety of transactions, litigation, regulatory advice, and estate planning.

Since its founding in July 2000, the firm has grown from its original five (5) lawyers to its current complement of thirty-five (35) lawyers and eleven (11) paralegals, making it one of the larger firms in the state. Experienced, highly-talented lawyers have joined the firm from other firms in the area and from governmental agencies. The firm has also hired a number of top ranking graduates and judicial law clerks.

We believe the rapid growth of the firm is a reflection of the ever-expanding list of well-satisfied clients. We recognize that our continued growth and success depends on exceeding the expectations of our clients by providing exceptional service and achieving extraordinary results.

Our goal is to provide superior representation to our clients, regardless whether they are large corporations, small businesses, or individuals and whether they are plaintiffs or defendants. This goal is shared by every lawyer in our firm – from the most junior associates to the most senior partners. This mission includes our commitment to providing service to our clients in an efficient, responsible and professional manner. Our dedication to providing superior representation has led to long-term client relationships founded on mutual trust and respect.

Our philosophy on handling litigation is simple: we use motion practice to frame the issues in the manner most advantageous to our client, and we prepare the case for trial. We are trial lawyers. We have found that the best results for our clients are achieved by approaching cases with the attitude that they will go to trial. Hence, we strive to develop the case fully, to retain the best experts, and to have absolute control over the documentary evidence. Further, we strive to use every technological advantage reasonably available to organize and present the evidence in a way that credibly and understandably conveys our themes and messages to the jury. This level of preparation provides the most favorable results for our clients at trial and, when appropriate, in settlement negotiations.

We are fortunate to represent banks, entities and real estate developers in a myriad of transactional and regulatory matters. Conscious of the time and expense constraints attendant with every matter, we strive to provide timely and efficient advice to our clients who are engaged in business transactions. In this regard we strive to develop a complete knowledge of their business in order to offer comprehensive business counseling and transactional services. Our extensive experience before administrative agencies and regulators allows us to provide informed and tested guidance to clients involved in regulated activities and business endeavors. We are committed to providing our full attention to both complex transactions and those which are more routine in nature – understanding the importance of each to our clients.