Tim Grooms and Robbi Rosenbaum Published in The Arkansas Banker

An article by Timothy W. Grooms and Robbi R. Rosenbaum, “Force Majeure in Arkansas: Contractual Provisions and the COVID-19 Pandedmic”, appears in the Fall 2020 issue of The Arkansas Banker, the official publication of the Arkansas Bankers Association. The article provides information on the rights and responsibilities parties should understand in considering how to respond to the COVID-19 situation. Please click here to read the article.

Timothy W. Grooms is a founding member of Quattlebaum, Grooms & Tull PLLC where he focuses his practice on real estate, banking and commercial lending transactions. Mr. Grooms can be reached at tgrooms@QGTLAW.com or 501-379-1713.

Robbi Riggs Rosenbaum is an associate at the law firm and concentrates her practice on real estate, taxation, estate planning and entity formation. Ms. Rosenbaum can be reached at rrosenbaum@QGTLAW.com or 501-379-1738.

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