Favorable Results In Condemnation Cases

Michael N. Shannon and R. Ryan Younger have recently handled a series of condemnation cases involving the partial taking of land from commercial office properties and the redesign of roadways around the office buildings.  The just compensation owed by the condemning authority has been almost entirely dependent on whether the substantial interference with ingress to and egress from the properties is compensable under Arkansas law—a highly contested legal issue.  Mr. Shannon and Mr. Younger, however, have repeatedly obtained favorable legal rulings.  These rulings have culminated in settlements in excess of $3,500,000.00.  Mr. Shannon and Mr. Younger tried one of the condemnation cases in April 2015.  The original offer from the condemning authority was $78,575.00.  The jury heard multiple days of testimony regarding operation of the commercial real estate market, valuation of commercial office buildings, and the manner in which access impacts property value.  The jury returned a verdict in favor of the property owners, determining that the condemning authority had devalued the owner’s office building through its taking and road redesign.  The jury awarded damages of $589,250.00.