Steve Quattlebaum Presenting At PLAC COVID-19 Webinar

Steven W. Quattlebaum will be one of the presenters at the PLAC COVID-19 Webinar – Session 3 on August 27, 2020. This virtual presentation by PLAC leaders will discuss COVID-19 challenges facing in house and outside law practices, including:

  • How the pandemic has affected the operation and functioning of law practice
  • How organizations effectively develop and enforce COVID-19 procedures, protocols and work rules  
  • How law practices meet challenges relating to remote and in-office work

Panelists will talk about what reopening looks like in the real world, and what is and is not working. Presenters will explore how the pandemic has and will continue to change law offices, real estate requirements and office designs, as well as how law practices can avoid liability and minimize risks of COVID-19 related employment claims. This program will also include a discussion of how courts balance the need and requirements of trials with the restrictions necessitated by the pandemic. PLAC members can register for this virtual seminar here.

A founding member of Quattlebaum, Grooms & Tull PLLC, Steve’s primary areas of practice are complex business, toxic tort, and products liability litigation.

PLAC (formerly the Product Liability Advisory Council) is a not-for-profit association of product manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and select regulatory, litigation and appellate professionals who work to shape the common law of product liability and complex regulation, provide guidance on changing regulations, and strategically help corporations manage risk throughout the entire product lifecycle. PLAC is a unique resource for companies who must defend their products’ integrity and their companies’ reputation.