Sarah Keith-Bolden Authors Guide For Employers Navigating COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised many questions for employers, who are suddenly faced with the prospect of taking unprecedented steps to protect employees from being exposed to the virus. Some of these steps—including conducting health checks on employees, excluding sick employees from the workplace, and taking steps to protect employees who are at higher risk of severe illness—implicate the Americans with Disabilities Act and other federal antidiscrimination laws enforced by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 

To you assist you in responding to the pandemic without violating federal antidiscrimination laws, Sarah-Keith Bolden has assembled COVID-19 In The Workplace: An Employer’s Guide to Responding To The Pandemic Without Violating Federal Antidiscrimination Laws. We hope this guide will be a useful tool in navigating through these new and challenging times. If you have any questions concerning this guide, please reach out to Sarah at or 501-379-1789.

Sarah Keith-Bolden is a member at Quattlebaum, Grooms & Tull PLLC where her practice focuses on commercial litigation and appeals.